Skrill is the only wallet you’ll need


You might be more familiar with the name, Moneybookers, which is the name Skrill was formerly known as. Moneybookers was formed in 2001, and by mid-2002 a website with an online payment system was up and running. The first few years were very successful for the company, and they gained almost 2 million new customers within the first 1.5 years of operation. By 2008, the company claimed to be operational in 200 countries, with over 6 million accounts.

Growth and Rebranding

The Sunday Times ranked Moneybookers the fastest growing UK based private equity backed firm in 2010, and by 2011 the company had an impressive customer base of 25 million, 120,000 merchant accounts, and a number of large online companies integrating the Moneybookers payment gateway on their websites. Moneybookers became Skrill after an announcement that came in 2011. The rebranding of the company was complete in 2013.

Today, Skrill works with a total of 41 different currencies, and supports all the major credit and debit cards. There are some restrictions in place; this is especially true for US and EU accounts. A major restriction involves the sending of funds between US and non-US accounts.

Getting a Skrill Account

When you start up a Skrill account you have several different major currencies to choose from, but after your first transaction, your account will be locked to your chosen currency. Opening an account is quite easy, and for a private customer it involves registering an email address and some personal data. An identity verification process will give you the option of sending and receiving higher value payments, but this process is optional. As with many of the other online wallets, Skrill identifies accounts through email addresses and stays connected to them. Payments made to and from a Skrill account basically involve sending money to and from email addresses. There is also the option of transferring/withdrawing money to the account owner’s personal bank account or payment card. Skrill also offers an exclusive VIP account for big customers.

Safety in the Front Seat

Because Skrill has been a major player for such a long time, it has most definitely earned its reputation as a trusted and serious payment option. As far as a payment option for casinos goes, it’s well-known and well-used. It is not available for US players, but for European based gamblers it’s one of the favored payment options. Skrill is an option with most of the large online casinos, and one of the pros with this option is that Skrill handles the entire transaction, so no personal information is shared with the casino. Another big trust earner is the fact that Skrill is not only under regulation by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom, but also approved by VeriSign, a large online security company.

Peace of mind is one of the most important factors when choosing a payment option for betting and playing online, and Skrill delivers that, both through its longstanding reputation and experience, as well as through their continued work with leading technology in online security.

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Paroli System

A bulk of the roulette-based strategies can be placed in two categories – the positive and the negative progression. The progression here is how the bets are placed for the game of roulette. When it comes to using a positive progression, many roulette players and enthusiasts count on the Paroli system. An understanding of this roulette strategy will be easier if one takes a look at the word ‘par’. It’s taken from a Latin word, which means ‘one that is equal’. When used in casino gaming, including roulette, it simply means that players should double their bets after they achieve a win, and should be continued until three straight wins are recorded. This is not a new roulette strategy in the industry; according to some literature, the Paroli strategy for gaming has been around since the 16th Century and was traditionally used for card games. Today, this strategy is a favoured approach when it comes to playing and winning roulette. Aside from roulette, this is also a favourite strategy when it comes to trying other popular casino games, such as Pai Gow poker and Blackjack.

How to Make the Paroli System Work

The Paroli system actually takes its cue from the popular Martingale approach in playing roulette where a loss means that the wager should be doubled. For the Paroli system, you simply reverse the situation when it comes to the placement of the wagers after a loss. Instead of the negative progression, the player is expected to adopt a positive progression where one should double the wager during the winning rounds. Although it may appear that you will need extra money to sustain the strategy and game since you are banking on the winning bankroll, remember that it’s just an illusion.

To start adopting this strategy, you first need to decide on the initial bet that should be played for every round. If the first round ends up with a loss, the Paroli system suggests that you should place the same bet for the second round of play. This should be the overriding principle in case a round eventually turns out to be a loss. But if the round delivers a win, simply leave the initial wager and winnings on the layout for the succeeding coupe. In the Paroli approach, this is called the initial progression. Follow the same routine after every win, until such time that the number of roulette chips keeps on growing. Aside from identifying the initial wager that you will play for the first round, it is also important that you identify the number of progressions that you want to accomplish before collecting your winnings and leaving the roulette table. If you opt for a much longer progression, you will be given a chance to win more in the game of roulette. But a longer progression also comes with its own inherent risk- there is always the chance that you will encounter a losing streak if you remain in the game longer.

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FOBT System

Most of the strategies used to beat the house’s edge and the casino involve pure skill and taking chances. In fact, it’s the basis for casino gaming; you place your wager and hope that the gaming odds are in your favour. But there are certain gaming strategies that require the assistance of a software or system in order to take advantage of the game and hopefully win some jackpots. A perfect example of this is the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals system or the FOBT system. In order to understand how the system works to ensure potential winnings on your next trip to the casino, it is important that you first understand how the roulette machine works for online and brick and mortar casinos with a physical roulette.

Explaining the FOBT System

Roulette machines that can be played online and at bookies are equipped with a technology called the random number generator (RNG). The RNG is the technology used to ensure that the next number or spin selected is at random, thus making every play ‘fair’ in the roulette game. From an objective perspective, one can say that this approach to playing roulette is fair and responsible since bias cannot be introduced into the arrangement. However, according to many, there are still some patterns that often happen in the game that makes one curious and question the system.

The RNG that is included in online roulette and the FOBT features a “number allocated occurrence probabilities”, wherein all the numbers within the game are assigned equal chances of being drawn, 1 in 37 chances. This is different than table roulette in casinos where there is no guarantee that every number will eventually be a winner. In online versions, there is a system that ensures all numbers are given an equal chance.

Helping You Win Some Jackpots

Thanks to this system, there will be a fair result, and your number will eventually win. To win here, you can simply start by betting equal wagers on Black and Red. This move ensures that you will not lose money, except of course when and if ‘O’ is drawn. If you continue this betting cycle, the programme will sense the sequence and make ‘Green O’ come up. You can use these three betting options as the basis for your game and bets. It is critical that players need to have discipline in using the system, especially since this approach requires long-term play.

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